I’m sure you guys have all heard of Tonka Trunks – it’s been a name that’s been around since I was a kid. What I hadn’t heard of wasTonka TINYS– these little micro collectables that are just too cute and Cole was more than happy to play with them and check them out on his day off yesterday. These are truly the perfect stocking stuffer gift for any boy ages 3+ who likes trucks in any way. Even Cole, who is turning 10 next week, got a kick out of playing with these!

They’re darling little collectables and each truck comes in a small gray garage. The garages can be connected so if you get a collection going they can all be bound together. Here’s Cole snapping two together. Little hands may need some help with this:

These figures are really small. Just to give you guys an idea of scaling, here’s one of the garages with a garbage truck collectable in front of a full-sized KitKat bar:

Or ya know, let’s do a comparison next to a big kid’s head, as Cole suggested. He looks a little like a giant here, doesn’t he!?:

You can check out the entire collection on the Funrise site here & online or in person you can find them at Toys R Us or Target. They’re $2.99 a piece and you never know what you’re going to get. I was impressed by these little replicas – they seem really well-made with a lot of detailing.


  1. I have a son who is 6 myself. He got ten of these from his uncle last week, and so far he absolutely loves them. He plays with them everywhere, even when taking a bath. 🙂
    Actually, his sister who is 3 also like these. Might be that she just wants to play with the same toys as her big brother (who she adores), but I think she likes them as well. Great product and as you said Whitney, the perfect stocking stuffer.

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