Hey all.  Sorry I’ve been so MIA!  This holiday time is always tough for me – I really need to get better about scheduling posts.  All I want to do is hang with my family and blogging is the last thing on my mind!

But as the last of the wrapping paper is being cleaned up, I’m getting my mojo back to get some great features back on the site.  Today, taking a page out of Jo-Lynne’s book, I decided to put together a list of the top 10 posts from Mommies with Style for 2013.  Wow, what a year it’s been!  I’ve got two lists going for you here – one is my most popular posts either here, or on Pinterest or Facebook or both and the other are my top 10 personal favs.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Most Popular Posts on Mommies with Style (besides giveaways):

1. What You Need to Get Your Kids Thru the Flu – this one was surely inspired by the bout of the flu I had myself at the end of 2012 but it was also timely and got a ton of traffic on it!  A collection of my own personal items I use for medicine and comfort when my kids get sick.

2. Fitness Inspiration – this one continues to get pinned.  Inspirational quotes and signs to get you motivated to get moving – great to read and check out this time of year as we all try and push off the holiday pounds.

3. Expanding Balloons: DIY Craft with Kids  – people love this one.  I snapped some picts on a whim and it still gets pinned on Pinterest every week.

4. Crazy for Chevron  – fun chevron print picks for Fashion Friday.

5. Getting Organized with your Kids Preschool & Elementary School Papers  – a personal favorite of mine, and a favorite on Pinterest, I used a simple idea I found online to keep all of my kids special artwork, projects and report cards organized.  This thing is the bomb!  I continue to file items in it monthly – the key is to being particular about what you save.  I only save about 3-5 important art pieces each year on top of school reports and report cards.  It’s been great.

6. Books for the 7-9 Year Old Boy  – this one continues to get pinned away on Pinterest.  A collection of books Nate went through last year (3rd grade) that are age appropriate for 1st-4th grade readers.

7. Easy Lemon-Lime Cake  – nom-nom

8. 100 Days of Kindergarten Project Ideas  – a collection of ideas for your Kindergartener who has to put together a 100 Days of Kindergarten poster board project.

9. 12 Best Minecraft Parody Songs – my kids listen to these songs non-stop on YouTube.  Popular songs re-written with Minecraft lyrics and graphics.

10. Ham, Egg & Broccoli Strata – I’ve made this several times since posting.  Easy and tasty!

My own Top 10 Personal Favorites:

1. Broad Street Diary: I Got In, HOLY SH*T {February 2013} – My feelings after I registered and got into the coveted Broad Street 10-Miler in Philadelphia. I was scared out of my mind!

2. The Best Solution for your Jewelry {April 2013} – I’m obsessed with this product.  May be the best product I purchased in 2013.  Had to add it here to this list.

3. Vendy Awards – Philly {June 2013} – this was such a nice day with my family tasting the best of the food trucks on the streets of Philadelphia.

4. Me & A Personal Shopper. At Nordstrom. {July 2013} – my day with a personal shopper at Nordstrom for a Skinny Cow campaign.  Having someone attend to your every need and bring you clothes to try on all afternoon?  Kind of rocks.

5. Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Magnets {May 2013} – another favorite product find of mine this year!

6. Coming Down from Mom Mixer {April 2013} – I can’t stress enough how much it takes an entire family of people to move a mountain, or in this case, plan an event for 150+ Mom bloggers.  With our second Mom Mixer under our belts in April of 2013, I wrote this thank you post to everyone who made it happen.

7. unFashion Friday {March 2013} – That time I was too hungover to write a Fashion post for the week.  What I Wore.

8. Boston #Running {April 2013} – finishing a 9 mile training run and then hearing the news about the Boston Marathon attacks.

9. I Came, I Saw, I Ran. 10 Miles! Broad Street Recap {May 2013} – my longest run ever.  I did it!

10. This is 39. {July 2013} – Let’s not discuss the implications of what this means for the age I’ll be turning in 2014.

Did you do a 2013 Top 10 or Recap post?  Link up!  I linked up with Jo-Lynne from Musings from a Housewife, she is hosting a 2013 Blog Recap Carnival.  It’s fun to see what others were up to all year!


  1. You had quite a year!!!! Those events you and Col do amaze me every. single. time. And I love your This is 39 post. 40 isn’t so bad. Just keep exercising. Those calories seem to multiply around my waist these days! Ha!!!

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