dora prance & fly.jpgMy daughter’s new favorite movie is Dora Saves The Snow Princess. So I know she is going to love seeing the Fisher Price Dora’s Prance & Fly Pegasus, based on the movie, under the tree. Dora’s pose-able body is dressed as a Princess and she is accompanied by a Pegasus she can ride. The Pegasus’ has a “real” mane and tail, a pink saddle and hidden wings. It is such a cute toy and I know how much fun Mia will have with all of its interactive capabilities.
There are three buttons on the Pegasus that when pressed, make him walk, have his wings appear, and allow you to hear Dora speaking different phrases. When the wings appear, they move, the Pegasus walks and Dora sings a song.
snowmanpicks-sm.jpgThe Dora doll comes with a charm that when inserted into the Pegasus’ neck, you hear a story about Dora and the Snow Princess. There are other dolls available in the “Dora Saves the Snow Princess” line whose accompanying charms will work in the Pegasus to tell their own stories.
Dora’s Prance & Fly Pegasus is available on Amazon for $34.99.

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