We’re definitely a tech-friendly family.  I run a blog for a living and I think my kids are more computer and Wii savvy than I am some days.

But I’m sometimes reminded that my almost-4-year old is still just that, a young kid and aging a lot faster than I sometimes would like him to.  Being the younger brother and being the youngest in a tech-savvy house makes him advance technologically beyond the recommended age on many products.

I was recently reminded of that on a road trip when each boy brought a DS/DSi.  I was reminded that Cole’s hands just aren’t there coordination wise – not compared to his 6-year-old brother.  Not to mention that the DS is not always so educational.

Recently one of his little girlfriends received a Leapster Explorer – LeapFrog’s latest product release. (Fall 2010)  I was intrigued to check it out because I thought this might be a better handheld option for him given his age.  My wonderful contact at LeapFrog sent me over a sample product to test out and I’m impressed.  I’m saving this one for his birthday next month but here are the details about this product which is sure to be a hot pick this upcoming holiday season:

*Recommended age for this product:  Ages 4-9
* It’s educational but fun.   It comes with built in games (over 40) and you can download apps from the LeapFrog website – LeapWorld.
* Touch screen
*Additional cartridge games available for purchase with favorite characters like Dora, Ben10, SpongeBob, the Disney Princesses and more
*Parents can track what their children are doing on the Explorer with the LeapFrog Learning Path software
*It has a built in camera for the kids to take pictures – it can store up to 1000 photos

It retails for $69.99.  Get it on Amazon right now for $64.99 with free shipping.


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