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This cracks me up, but did you guys know that the most popular birthday month is September?  You know what that says about the holidays, right?  Mom & Dad are feelin’ the love at holiday time!  In fact, the 10 most common birthrates can be tracked down to conception dates between December 17th and December 31st, making the most common date being December 24th.  Talk about giving yourself your own special gift (that takes 9 months to be delivered)!

Moving onto talk of  pregnancy, a new survey by Wakefield research for Natera, a leader in non-invasive genetic screening, said that of the 500 new Moms surveyed, 79% want to know the gender of their baby before it’s born.  Wow!  I was kind of shocked by this fact – I definitely wanted to know with both of my boys but I do know plenty of people who didn’t want to know.

I’m guessing that as we become more information junkies, more to choose to find out?

Here’s another cool factoid from the survey – 83% of expecting moms will provide on-going social media updates on their pregnancy with 47% of them posting an update 2-3 times a week.  That totally would have been me had Facebook been around when I was pregnant with my boys!  It’s definitely not shocking to me – pregnancy is such an exciting time and Moms-to-be are wanting to share with the world!

What’s also totally cool that exists more now than it did when I was pregnant with my boys was prenatal genetic screening.  Parents-to-be can find out  critical health information before the baby born and you can get tested now as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy.  The new class of screenings is called Panorama NIPT, or non-invasive prenatal testing, and can provide parents with peace of mind!

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52% of survey respondents reported feeling anxious before receiving their prenatal testing results and 88% said they were relieved, excited and better prepared after learning the results. For others, NIPT can help prepare for what to expect once their baby is born.  Here’s an AWESOME part about the test – it has optional gender screening that is >99% accurate.  No more shady ultrasounds where you *think* you saw something?!  Right?  I find this really amazing.

The Panorama Prenatal screen is a routine blood draw so it does NOT come with the risk of miscarriage the way an amnio does.

Seriously, if I were to ever get pregnant again (which truly WOULD be a Christmas miracle for this 40 year old body!!!), I would be all over getting this screening done.  It seems like such a no-brainer, put your mind at ease or prepare for anything you might need to prepare for, with no risk to your baby at all.

Here’s some links for you if you are pregnant or know someone who is and want to check it out:Panorama Test website
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