Discodotinkbutton_2 tot-to-go just sent me one of their super stylish pouch slings to test out. My 10 week old daughter wants to be held constantly – which makes it hard to get anything done, unless I wear her. It also calms her down – besides nursing and swaddling. Basically, this kid is attached to me most of the time (not that I mind). So, testing out a carrier is a good thing in my house. Baby Allegra instantly took to the tot-to-go sling. She preferred the tummy to tummy carry (for babies that have good head control) over the newborn cradle hold (supposed to be birth to 4 months).

The tot-to-go sling was gorgeous. Definitely one of the more fashion-conscious brands that I have tested out.  We checked out the disco dot ink pattern (CAD $59.99 = US $60.21), with a reversible black interior. The sling is made of cotton with some lycra stretch sateen (which I prefer – I get too hot for fleece and I love that the cotton with the sateen gives a little). Made in Canada, by mom Shani Sam, these adorable slings come in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Since I am a fluffier mama, I was pleased that the XL fit me easily. The sling will work with newborns to children up to 35 lbs (though my 25 lb almost 2 1/2 year old did not want to try it).

The beauty of a pouch sling is portability. It fits easily in your diaper bag. You can take it out in mere seconds and pop your baby in. No buckles or straps to mess with. Just make sure it cups your shoulder and your child is placed securely in it. I usually keep one hand on the sling, especially if I am walking around. They don’t kill your back (another plus for me) and I love that I can cuddle with my baby while wearing it.

Illustrations of the different ways to use the sling were included with the sling (you can download official full instructions on their website) – which is a good thing if you are a babywearing newbie. The sling was unpadded (I actually prefer unpadded slings) and was very well made. Choose from solid fleece, designer and solid colors.

Shop tot-to-go.com (and yes, they love to ship to the US)

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