So I had to give a shout out to this amazing website I used earlier this month on my trip to Disney, Tour Guide Mike. Jen had recommended it to me – I think she heard about it from Allison on our Message Boards. So Jen told me I absolutely had to sign up for his services – that once you’re a “member” you are given all sorts of information to help make your trip to Disney World easier.
Basically you plug in the dates of your trip and he tells you what parks to visit which days. And what order to do the attractions or rides. It even goes so far as to tailor your trip specific to your needs. You fill out a short form in the beginning and it bases the recommendations on your answers. (In our case, everything was “preschool age” related.)
We went for three days during the busiest season (Spring Break), and the longest line we waited in was 10 minutes. Seriously. And that’s only because it was a Buzz Lightyear ride in Magic Kingdom that Nate insisted we ride again and again.
Past trips we had taken to Disney World had been nightmarish – lines, crowds, generally miserable. We had a totally opposite experience this time, the kids have a blast, and I totally attribute it to listening to the advice off of the Tour Guide Mike website. Anyway. I wrote the folks over there about a discount for us and didn’t hear back, if I do I’ll post a coupon. But it’s worth it either way – it’s $21.95 for the year. Plan early! I only did it a month in advance but I was busy that month trying to schedule us, make reservations and read all of the info on his site (there’s a lot!)


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