For several years, diaper bags by Petunia Pickle Bottom, have reigned supreme in suburbia. In the park and on the Starbucks line, they dot the strollers and shoulders like motherhood identity badges. Mention Petunia in front of the Mom’s Club and unless the topic is gardening, you don’t need to say another word. In fact most forgo the full name, merely referring to their favorite bag as “PPB”. The acronym seals the deal – the bags are a modern classic.
But even the classics have to reinvent themselves every once in a while. And with the new crescent-shaped bag, out this month from Petunia Picklebottom, a new classic is born. So, let’s take a little trip with the new Touring Tote, shall we?
11 am: Check in. Angel is asleep in her carseat, and you are perfectly organized with your tickets in the front pocket, cell phone and binky stashed at the ready in the two zippered quick access pockets near the bag handle. You are wearing the bag messenger style, leaving yourself hands free to carry your tot. Your calm, cool, collected demeanor saves you the wrath of baby-hating passengers. Hurray!
Next stop: Valet. Can you believe that your little Angel slept all the way from here to there? For two and a half hours? You retrieve your stroller at the journey’s end and clip your Touring Tote to the stroller with the handy included valet clips. These clips work on the stroller’s handle – even on your unusual imported European stroller. They hold other bags too. But you have yet to feel a need to try that. To celebrate your uneventful trip, you buy yourself a latte and phone a friend to brag.
Five minutes later: Uh oh. Angel is up and has had a blowout. No one likes to change their babies in public restrooms but thanks to the touring tote, the trauma is minimized. With one hand still on Angel, you grab the changing pad from the rear zipped outside pocket, and grab the coordinated plastic wipes case and a diaper from the multi pocketed interior. Good thing there’s room in there for a spare set of clothes too. Once Angel is all cute again, you realize that Supermommy needs some lipstick. You appreciate that there’s a special place for that in your bag as well. Because Supermommy hates to dig.
Downtown, in the afternoon: Who would have guessed going to a gallery with your baby, could be so easy? She gets fussy once, but you’re quick on the binky draw. After browsing, you hit the streets for a stroll. During window shopping you wear your bag in short strap mode, keeping it tucked securely under your arm. Someone stops to compliment your “cute little dumpling”. Its not entirely clear whether they meant the baby, or the bag. You note happily how you have no trouble locating your wallet when you pop into a boutique to get some super-cute shoes. And by 4pm you’re gabbing at a cafe with a friend, on your second latte of the day. Your daughter is joining you, happily sipping on her second bottle. No worries since there’s two elasticized interior bottle pockets and a water-resistant lining on this bag.
You might think I made this up. Ok, fine, I did. But it’s not unlike so many true accounts of parents’ travels with PPB bags. Just check out the brand’s website and read all about them. Running through this Friday is an entertaining contest, where you can write in about your own world travels with Petunia Pickle Bottom and receive a chance to win prizes, including a brand new Touring Tote in the gorgeous Miso Lovely print.
Meanwhile please rest assured that I have, in fact, put my own beloved Touring Tote through all the paces. Maybe it only got as far as the park, mall, supermarket and pediatricians office. But I would wear it to a gallery anytime. Anyone want to meet me in the city?
This bag is just starting to ship to locations across the country and may still be hard to find in some areas. Check the website for stores near you. Or if like me, you just have to have it now – there is a great selection currently available at They’re offering Mommies With Style Readers free shipping and 15% off the purchase of any full price (non-sale) items in their store when you spend over $100 and use the code: Mommies. All the colors available are smashing but my favorite is the Coconut Roll in blue and brown, due in at Baby Browns, in two weeks. Pre-order it quick as I suspect that one’s going to sell out!


  1. Oooh I love it Ciaran! Somehow I don't think that one's practical with a newborn, too bad! Love the blue/brown combo as well.

  2. I dunno Whitney – I think it would be fab with a newborn! It holds a great deal more than you would think – it has less height, but more depth than the backpack. We were able to pack a ton in ours. It's so cute its just daring me to get preggo all over again!

  3. I just bought one of the new Touring Totes and have been using it with my newborn. It holds everything I need for my 2 month old plus has room for my keys, cell phone, etc. I love the versatility of holding it as a purse or attatching it to the stroller. Brilliant and fashionable!

  4. Did the webcode at Baby Browns only work through October? I tried it this morning and it isn't working.

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