Do your kiddos play Animal Jam? My guys used to play a few years back and then stopped. This spring, something reminded Cole of the game and he went back on and started playing again.

If you’re not familiar, Animal Jam is a multiplayer virtual world game by National Geographic. It’s cute and fun for all ages but definitely seems to be popular with the elementary-aged kids. It’s free to play but there’s better items and animals you can get if you pay.

So last week, I was wandering around during a blogger toy event (Sweet Suite at Blogger Bash NYC) when I saw that the Jazwares table had some Animal Jam goodies. I stopped because of Cole’s interest but because they were new to me and super cute!

Jazwares now sells these adorable collectables that kids who are fans of the game can purchase and play with – both in real life and online! (Each collectable comes with an unlock code the kids can use in the game)

You can find a bunch of the new line on Amazon – the Adopt-A-Pet collection comes with a little house to keep the pets in. And I know it’s only July but… wouldn’t this make an adorable stocking stuffer with a gift code for the game online?


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