Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.44.55 PM My boys have been having fun with Crashlings, the latest craze in the toy world.  I’d say these are more boy-friendly than girl but lately I’ve found that all of my boys’ girl friends seem to be totally into things like aliens so I’m gonna go with this toy being an all play for both sexes!  Crashlings are a line of little aliens (you can see from my photo, they are the small figures) and each of them can be placed into a ball that comes apart in two pieces.  The bottom piece of the ball is rubber and like one of those simple pop top toys we all had as kids.  You turn it inside out, place it on a counter and it eventually pops up into the sky!

I’d say my boys love the container and the boing-and-pop factor just as much as they do the Crashlings themselves!  So there’s over 150 of these little guys that you can collect and I think they’ll be great for the holidays – either in the stocking or on their own. (Oh yes, I went there with a holiday mention in September.  You guys know you love it.)

Check out the entire line of Crashlings on Amazon.  The 10-pack is $12.99 and you can get smaller packs or even find them individually on their own at your local toy store.  Find Crashlings on Facebook and @CrashlingsUSA on Twitter.



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