photo (4) There’s no one more popular in our house than Doc McStuffins! Now with our new Doc McStuffins Magic Talkin’ Doc and Friends toy ($49.99) by Just Play; her pals Lambie and Stuffy are must-haves where ever we go. My almost three year old daughter Fiona lives for anything Disney and LOVES the doctor because of her pal Doc. She has her very own Doc McStuffins doctor set that has aided my entire family and even some friends (and neighbors!) to receive check-ups.

This toy is a bit different. Her little Doc doll came with the Magic Clinic Table, doctor bag, thermometer and otoscope to help Doc McStuffins give Lambie and Stuffy the perfect check-ups.  When you press Doc’s stethoscope into her belly, she says things like, “I prescribe lots of love and of course cuddles” and “I have a diagnoses!” Of course the Doc McStuffins doll wouldn’t be complete without singing the theme song. Her little friends Lambie and Stuffy even sing the “I Feel Better” song when placed on the Magic Clinic Table.

This is a great interactive toy for kids around three years old. It keeps Fiona busy playing doctor which is her favorite and gives me a break from getting several check-ups a day. Win! Win!  I do need to make sure that the thermometer and otoscope are way out of reach of my one year old. These small pieces are a major choking hazards, which is why this product is for children over three years. The Doc doll along with Lambie and Stuffy have joined us at Home Depot, out to dinner and grocery shopping; definitely fun little sidekicks to keep Fiona occupied when we are running errands.

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Doc McStuffins isn’t Fiona’s only obsession. She goes crazy over Disney’s Sensation Six! Mickey has always been her main squeeze. Her little Mickey has turned into her Lovey and has been in our lives for a good two years now. But whenever you see Mickey, Minnie isn’t far behind. Fiona says Mickey and Minnie are like Mommy and Daddy, “hearts!”… too cute! photo (3) When we opened The Tickled Pink Minnie Doll  ($19.99) both my daughters had a good giggle session. When you press Minnie’s hand she tells you “tickles make me giggle” and when you tickle her belly her bow lights up and she giggles and giggles and giggles – and so do Fiona and Hazel! There’s no better sound than my daughters laughing and I love a toy they can enjoy together. Tickled Pink Minnie is perfect for my dynamic duo. This Minnie is for children over one year, but if you have an older sister I guarantee Minnie will end up sleeping her bed.

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