I had a chance to check out the Wubble Ball at last week’s Blogger Bash in New York City.  I brought one home to my boys and we have been having a blast playing with it. So what is a Wubble Ball?

This toy looks like a bubble but you can play around with it like it’s a big bouncy ball. I know how that sounds – like, what’s the big deal?

I dunno, it’s just big, bouncy and fun and highly addicting and you’re going to have to trust my word for it or order one for yourself and your kids!  It’s pliable so you can sit on it like it’s bean bag (it’s big) or bounce it around.

Check out this You Tube of the Wubble Ball in action:

How does it do that?  The Wubble Ball is made from a unique thermo-stretch material, which makes it squishy, strong and incredibly lightweight. Kids can kick it, slam it, throw it, bounce it, smoosh it and smash it.

So my boys have been LOVING our Wubble Ball.  Every since we blew it up a few days ago, it’s all they have wanted to play with.  And while there are many notes about the Wubble having the ability to pop (warnings to be gentle – don’t roll it on a rough surface, don’t let your cat play with it with their claws, common sense stuff), I have been impressed at the amount of bouncing and abuse it can take.

Point and case – check out this video I shot for fun of my two crazy boys playing with it:

And it’s still standing strong.

Available online at Online Price: $19.99 – Deluxe Kit* with second Wubble free with additional shipping. Total package price $37.97. *Deluxe Kit includes: Red & Blue Wubble bubble balls and pump.

Disclaimer:  I received a small stipend for reviewing the Wubble Ball.  But I think it’s pretty cool.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wubble sure does look like tons of fun- so enjoyed watching the video!

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