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Last month at the ToyFair, I attended a breakfast at Goldberger Toy Company. I loved the beautiful (and affordable) dolls that they make and the history of this almost 100 year old company. No doll costs over $25 and I was very impressed with the quality and care put into their products. . Plus, the company offers a Lifetime Guarantee – they’ll repair or replace all dolls, depending on the doll or the ‘injury’.  I especially loved their Sensitive Baby dolls– soft dolls which retail for $12.99 and are safe for children who have allergies and asthma.

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I met Daydream Toy at the Toyfair and was really wowed by their DoodleTrack CarTM Set. The ncluded red or blue sports car follows the track that you or your child draws (with any black crayon or marker). You can also go online to to design and print your own racetracks. The set includes: 1 race car, stick-on decals to decorate, a play mat & black marker. Youll need 2 AAA batteries. For ages 4 and up. We took a sample home and this has become one of my 4 1/2 old’s favorite toys. He loved sticking on the decals to decorate his car and was speechless when I drew the line on the track and the car followed it!  Shop here.


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Box O’ Mania deserves a mention too — we thought their corrugated plastic play boxes were really cool for kids.  They offer more than 12 square feet of interior space — around 3 children will fit. It ships flat and is easy to assemble. You can decorate with washable markers or buy coordinating stickers from Box O’ Mania (that can be easily reused and repositioned). The play box retails for around $100 and the stickers are extra. The play box can be used inside or outside.  There are 6 panels, a tab-lock system, and 4 windows and a door. Velcro strips secure the floor panel in place. The play box weighs approximately 20 lbs. Once assembled, the play box’s dimensions are 55.75″ x 36″ x 57.5″. Their online store will be open very soon, email for more information or call (800) 543-2696.

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We also loved Dano2′s Ducki and Circus Teethers. Their ducki, which also doubles as a teether, as well as their Circus Teether, is made of medical grade materials and is BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free. Their Ducki comes in yellow, green, blue and pink. It also opens on the bottom for cleaning.

Sample were received from Daydream Toy and Dano2.


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