Greenies, concerned parents, orgoes, what-have-you, as an online parent, you’ve surely read about the hazards of plastics recently. Cook in it: bad. Heat in it: bad. Use in the diswasher: bad. Perhaps Benjamin Braddock was better off focusing on Mrs. Robinson, therefore ignoring the infamous one-word suggestion: plastics.
Concerned as I am about the toxins released using some plastics, I’ll admit I wasn’t actively searching for an alternative. Sippy cups are so simple. However, when I opened a package of SIGG cups, the boys tossed aside their sippies and raced for their favorites.
SIGG, the original Swiss bottle, started as a hiker’s bottle. One crafted to be grabbed and gulped, allowing for little spills. But, as we know, little spills is a Mama’s delight, and this now “branded” company develops bottles for the every-person. Hikers, Bikers, Mothers, Meetingers.
The bottles are made of aluminum (which means, if you fill it with anything hot or cold, you’re going to feel it, unless you purchase one of their thermos collection or buy an insulator) which is proven to be a million (okay, my estimation) times safer than plastics. According to their website, “tests show that this is the only bottle with an inner coating resistant to fruit acids and isotonic drinks.” Meaning that its impervious–acids, heat, nothing will break it down. Crafted from a single piece of aluminum, the bottle has no seams, so no places for leaks. The tops (this is the only place you’ll find plastic) are similar to a sport-style water bottle. Rather than popping the sipper up, it turns to open and close. And there’s a lid (which usually coordinates with the bottles decor to cover and keep the sipper clean.
My 3-year-old loves his SIGG. He uses a .6 liter bottle in a cute pattern from their KIDZ line. He’s not aware of the number of accessories available (like handles, insulated pouches and carriers) but would be accessorizing if he could. My one year old has a .3 liter bottle–perfect for his little hands. He had a little trouble adapting to the sipper in the beginning, but with a little practice can use it easily now.
SIGG bottles are safe, fun, sporty and different–a wonderful alternative to the plastic-y sippy cups. But take this tip: wash as soon as you are finished. The bottles shouldn’t be machine washed (the lids and sippers can be) and you DON’T want to leave day-old milk inside. Trust me.


  1. We love ours. It isn't as leak-proof as a sippy, but the benefits are so great. I just couldn't get comfortable with any of the stainless alternatives – all from China, all with a seam. Sorry, but that trust is broken!

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