I love old fashioned, cozy comfy pajamas. The kind that button up in front, get softer with each wash and make sick days seem less tragic. I see these dream pajamas in all our old family pictures. My memory is colored but the pics are in black and white – my pajama clad siblings piled like puppies on the naugehyde couch in all their retro splendor. Those were the days!
A thousand times I’ve asked myself, “Why doesn’t anyone make those kind of pajamas anymore?”. And I’ve searched far and wide. Though I managed to find a few cartoon character free pairs, there was nothing domestically made that was quite like what I was thinking of. On some the prints were too modern. On others the fabric was too scratchy. Or they pilled up like an old rag after one wash. I kept looking and was more persistant than Goldilocks looking for a free meal.
Finally, I discovered Bedlam. Made in the UK, these soft and comfy PJs are it. The real deal. So real that I have entertained fantasies that they have been smuggled to the present through a secret time-tunnel portal to the past. Even the prints ( robots, pirates, cherries and scotty dogs to name a few ) smack of yesteryear in that good kind of way. The fabric is a soft cotton sheeting, not too thin or too thick. It’s slightly “peached” for extra softness. And it will just get softer like your favorite vintage sheets.
I’m not taking any chances on this one, I’ll be stocking up before the portal closes. Mommies With Style recieve free shipping when you enter the code MOMMIES at checkout.


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