My kids love cooking with me in the kitchen! We’ve been having so much fun recently with the Handstand Kids Chinese Cookbook, trying out all sorts of recipes together. This cookbook comes packaged in a large takeout box kit with child-friendly chopsticks.

chinese_cookbook_kit1 It is so adorable and my kids love it! The Chinese Cookbook Kit introduces kid chefs, ages 3 to 12, to delicious and healthy Chinese recipes. Recipes like Spring-a-licious Spring Rolls, Kung Pow! Chicken and Year of the Monkey Smoothies take your little chef around the world through your own kitchen.

All of the utensils and ingredients are translated into Mandarin so you can speak the language of China as you cook! The recipes are leveled from 1 to 4 chopsticks to determine the recipe’s level of difficulty. Our favorites so far have been the Banana-rama Spring Rolls and the Great Wall of Chicken Lettuce Wraps! We’ve been having a blast cooking while trying to pronounce the different ingredients. They also love practicing with the chopsticks on all sorts of foods!

In addition to the Chinese Cookbook are the Mexican and Italian Cookbook Kits. Each cookbook in the series introduces kid chefs to a new country and culture through tasty, healthy and fun recipes. Each recipe also offers alternatives that allow for dietary flexibility and creativity in the kitchen.

Handstand Kids also carries aprons, chef hats, oven mitts and all-purpose mats that can be used as place mats, cutting boards or work stations. Ours includes a fabulous map of China and a listing of all of the different ingredients in the cookbook in both English and Mandarin. My kids are always practicing!

Enter code MWS on the order page in the coupon box located at the top of the page before checking out to save 20% off of your purchase!

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