I’ve made a decision: there’s no longer a need to buy full-sized board games who’s boxes will collapse and pieces will be lost, not if minimus has the game in travel size. We brought Milton Bradley’s Candyland and Ohio Art’s MagnaDoodle on our vacation. Both were perfect for storing in Wesley’s miniature backpack and playing on the plane, at the pool and in the hotel room. Check out their many other game choices.
Apparently, keychains on backpacks are very “in,” as I learned when packing for our recent trip. Good thing Carson received Mugen Pop Pop just before we left. A simple game, kids “pop” “bubbles” until they get an unfamiliar sound–like a “moo” rather than a “pop.” Playing alone can become an addiction (its something to do with your hands.) When you have 2 or more players, take turns popping. The winner gets the surprise sound. Also available as a keychain, Tamagotchi. Both are great for the 8+ crowd, though my 5 and 3 year old enjoy Pop Pop quite a bit. Entertainment for the school bus, road trips, planes and buses. Both are available at Amazon, though I’ve heard of them available for less at Walmart.
What a great idea! Before your next travels take you to a foreign speaking country or to see unfamiliar family, create your own set of Goosie Cards by uploading your personal images and adding text. Then practice and play on the plane or ride over. The cards are sturdy and palm-sized; the images come out bright and professional.
A long time favorite, we bring Automoblox on every vacation. The puzzle-cars entertain for hours as the kids switch and switch and switch the pieces to create super-large cars, small cars, medium cars, fun car/trucks, etc. For our trip, we brought a long some Automoblox Minis, perfect for travel as they fit so easily into suitcases. But if you want some for roadtrips or for home, and if you’re a collector, definitely check out the T9-SE Signature Series, with dramatic red, gray and black colors and extra features and detailing. Automoblox only created 2000, so get one while you can.
Coupons for you:
Goosie Cards: 20% off your order through 2/28/09 with code MWS2009. Free shipping, no coupon necessary.
Minimus: 5% off Travel Candyland with code 5OFFCANDYLAND or 5% off Travel Magnadoodle with code 5OFFMAGNA


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