Over the holidays, my entire family went away together on a vacation. In our party were 8 adults and 7 children ranging in ages from 19 months to 14 years old. We weren’t going to have a rental car to be able to drive to the market to pick-up diapers, wipes, milk and all the necessities that we would need for the younger kids. We figured all of these items would take up both valuable space and weight in our luggage, and given the per bag fees to check bags and the overweight bag fees, we feared that this would cost us a small fortune! So, I started investigating if there was some type of service that would deliver these items to our hotel instead of paying more money to the airlines.
jetsetbabies.jpgWhen I came across Jet Set Babies, I was so excited that not only would they deliver to our hotel, but they had EVERY item that we needed and so much more! I had noticed in my search that other delivery services had a few of the items that I needed for the trip but not ALL of them. I was thrilled to have found Jet Set Babies! Of course I needed diapers and wipes and was ecstatic that I would not have to travel with theses bulky items. Jet Set Babies also had my daughter’s apple/prune juice (that many supermarkets don’t even carry), a wide variety of spill proof cups (we needed straw for my daughter and spout for my son), beach toys, diaper disposal bags, all sorts of toddler type snack foods and most important of all, Organic milk in individual boxes that needed no refrigeration. I was in heaven that this site had it all – an Organic section, baby toys, cleaning and laundry, bath products, a wide variety of baby food and formula, bottles, everything your child needs for fun in the sun and even strollers and play yards! This is your one stop shopping destination!
Jet Set Babies has reasonable prices on their products. They prefer that orders be placed at least 7-10 days prior to your arrival at your destination if shipping within the continental US, and 14 days prior for destinations outside of the continental US. After they ship your order, they track it to its destination. When they receive notification that your order has been delivered, they call the hotel or destination and have someone visually confirm that it has arrived in good condition. They find out where they will store your package until your arrival and get instructions from then on how you will retrieve it. Then they e-mail you a final time with that information. When I arrived at my hotel, I knew to ask for my package in the shipping and receiving department. The front desk clerk called down to that department, verified they had my package and then delivered it to my room. It was so easy! So you can relax and not worry about if your baby travel supplies will be there waiting at your vacation destination when you arrive with your family. Jet Set Babies does all the work for you!
They also have website links on their site that can guide you where to rent baby equipment and a host of other useful information. Our hotel had a crib so we only ended up renting a jogging stroller while we were there. But I was surprised to find out how much baby stuff these rental sites carry. Bouncy seats, toys for specific age categories, play equipment, etc. It’s almost like you never left home!
Not going on a vacation anytime soon, but would love the convenience of this service? Jet Set Babies will deliver to your home with no hidden fees!
The next time you plan a trip and travel with young children, definitely try Jet Set Babies! They have everything you need and more. It is the only way to travel with tots! Use code “mommieswithstyle” to save 10% off of your order!


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