So you have kids, and slowly your nicely decorated house turns into Romper Room. Art pieces in the corner get replaced by tubs of blocks; gorgeous wall art replaced with wall art of the Crayola non-washable version, until eventually your “decorator” is your child and any relics left from your previously tastefully decorated home are all gone.
Here’s one children’s item that will make you smile a little in the face of your kids-themed house: Madison Sloan placemats, kids products by nature but stylish designs that the trendy Mama in you can appreciate – toiles, stripes and more: Pleasing to you and still functioning as a placemat to save your table from all the spills to come.
The placemats here are also personalized on the front and back – you can personalize by name or monogram. Madison Sloan is currently offering free shipping on their placemats so shop now. They are $18 a piece or $15 each if you buy 4 or more.

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