Don’t be shy… I want you to be honest here. Raise your hand if you still haven’t ordered your holiday cards. Go ahead… we won’t tell. Don’t worry, usually, I’m in the same boat as you, scurrying to pick a photo, coming up with the perfect wording, finding a spot to order and getting it all here, and then out, in time. And I’ll admit to throwing my hands up and just printing one out at SAMs and Walmart in the past (not that there’s anything wrong with that… but…)
We have VERY good news for you… there’s still time for a professional, personalized photo card. I have a fantastic new site for modern cards with so much style. This season, my cards were created by Jennifer at Apple Blossom Prints, who is amazing to work with. Of course, being as indecisive as I usually am, AND having a major issue of getting my 2 year old and 4 year old boys to smile, nicely, simutaneously for a photo, made my search for a great image a little difficult. Jennifer started helping me right there. I sent her a few photos and asked her advice. Her communication was fantastic, we chatted, about which images work and how they’d appear with the different layouts… she even designed several cards for me using her templates as models and different images as they fit best. Of course, the selection was too big for me, so I shared it with a few friends who helped me narrow it down, and then Jennifer worked to make them just right for my taste, and my needs, as we like to send holiday-neutral cards. Any changes to wording, colors, fonts and photo styles are included, and Jennifer will send you proof after proof until you are 100% satisfied (Jennifer is extremely talented, so it won’t take long!) After narrowing it down and deciding on my favorite, I thought I was finished, but then Jennifer explained the differences as they would appear on different paper (available are cardstock, photopaper and pearl paper) and recommended which would look best for the image I selected (shown here).
Then, when I thought we had finally completed the process, she sent me not only a beautiful proof, but choices for the back of the card–because the back of her cards are printed to match the front.
And if you love the creative style at Apple Blossom Prints but want an Apple Blossom Prints original, Jennifer will work with you to create custom cards–just for your family.
Of course, Apple Blossom Prints isn’t just a seasonal holiday. Keep them in mind for photo Birthday Invites and Baby Announcements, as well.
Use code MOM15 for 15% off your order, with no expiration date. (yes… you can use this code next year, too… so you can order earlier! )
Of course, you still have time now, but orders must be received by December 10 for Christmas 2007 delivery. So, if you haven’t yet, now might be a good time select your image.


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