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My friends have been buzzing on Facebook about Trunk Club for awhile. Trunk Club is a clothing service – a stylist shops for you, picks out some clothes and sends them along for you to try.

It’s a lot like Stitch Fix, which I’ve been doing for years, but it also differs in many ways.

Personal Stylist: you have a personal stylist with Trunk Club, as you do with Stitch Fix, but it’s much more personal and customized with Trunk Club. My stylist Gretchen, reached out weeks before my first box appeared via email.

She asked if we could chat on the phone, so we did. We spent a good twenty minutes on the phone talking about my sizing, style and day-to-day wear. Stitch Fix gives you a personal stylist but the stylist changes from box to box. Clearly, having the same stylist is an improvement as they can hone in on what’s good for YOU and learn from misses in boxes as you go along.

Pricing: No doubt about it, Trunk Club clothes cost more money. You don’t pay any sort of styling fee, so that’s a bonus. (With Stitch Fix, it’s $20 for each box regardless of what you keep or not. If you keep clothing, the $20 is deducted from your overall price)

The pieces are more costly than Stitch Fix though. Gretchen did mention this on the phone and said they were Nordstrom prices. I shop at Nordstrom and it’s nice for a quality piece or two but I can’t imagine keeping an entire box from Truck Club because it would cost in the thousands. Here’s the price sheet from my own box. Almost everything is over $100 per item:

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I just have a hard time spending $200 on a top I know I’m not going to wear all that much. I have an easier time wrapping my head around spending $100-150 on a dress than some of these t-shirts too.

Quality: The quality of the clothing was definitely nicer from Trunk Club, not shocking given the prices.

Here’s some of the items I received in my box. I had mentioned wanting a few dresses as I have a few events coming up.


I thought this one above was cute. Definitely a nice quality – it has a nice slip material under neath and it’s not something I’d normally pick out for myself. It was a teeny bit long though so I’d always have to wear big wedges or heels when wearing it unless I felt like getting it to the local tailor to bring it up an inch or two.


I liked this one more in the box than I did once it was on my body. We’re headed to Hawaii this summer so I thought it might be a good option for that but once it was on… meh? I didn’t love it.


This one is super cute and it has a really fun bow in the back (pictured below) but it was CRAZY long on me. I had to put the highest heels on that I own just to show it to you all and it still went down to touch the floor. I just don’t want spend more money to get it hemmed so I’ll most likely sent it back…



This one above is probably my favorite. It was very light and has a slip that comes to my knees and seems like a good dress up or down dress. I can see myself wearing this with a white cardigan.

I also mentioned to Gretchen how I seem to have more pants and bottoms than I do tops. Tops are a challenge for me, I don’t know why. I seem to always end up buying pants, skirts or dresses when I’m out and about so Gretchen included a lot of tops for me to choose from. Here’s a few pictured. My professional photographer (who also goes by the name of “husband”) had to take a conference call so these photos are selfies and not as nice.



The cheapest shirt in the bunch is $98. I just can’t do it for what are basically t-shirts and one blouse so I’ll be sending these back.

I’m still on the fence about this one below – this one seems a little more versatile. It’sby Paige and $159:

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So. Bottom line – having a personal stylist is kind of awesome. I didn’t adore anything in my box so I’m not sure what I will be keeping. But I would think the more I go, the better my stylist will get to know me and my tastes. Sometimes it’s hard to get out and shopping for yourself, so in that regard this service can’t be beat.

Have you usedTrunk Clubyet? Check it out for yourself – there’s no fee, if you don’t like anything, you can of course send it back. Let me know what you think.



  1. I thought everything in the blue color family you tried on was very lovely. Blue is definitely your color. The clothes looked like they were well made

  2. I too have heard about both companies and there seem to be more following. Trunk Club did send you a nice assortment and customer service is so important and they seem to have mastered that! I often wondered if personal stylists in a retail setting still exist?? I agree on pricing, that seems pretty high and that might be their idea is to provide many options with the intention of the customer not keeping the entire trunk. Either way, looks like fun!

    • Thanks for the comment Krissie! There are personal stylists in retail locations but I think they are few and far between. I used one at Nordstrom once but he wasn’t very attentive. That may have just been him though – I know you can ask for them at Nordstrom and it’s free but same issue with Trunk Club – they are going to bring you the $$ items. Not sure if they work off comission?

  3. Agree about blue being your color. Liked both blue dresses. Loved the last blouse on you, the one you also favored. For me, not sure I can justify any of those prices, even if quality is higher. If I had to choose one piece, definitely the blouse. Fits you well and no alterations necessary.

    • Yah the prices are higher than usual but worth it when you find something you love, I think! Not sure I *loved* anything though – still mulling it over!

  4. I agree that blue is your color and would select the one you like best…the second one. Also like the grey top and blue plaid shirt. However, those tops are pricey and you can certainly do better on your own buying tops.

  5. I just realized…the dresses remind me of the Pappagallo 9sp?) dresses from the late 60’s and early 70’s.
    I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding and although the prints and actual styling are different, the dresses do remind me of that era.

  6. Oops! I meant they remind me of the Lily dresses, not Pappagallo.


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