In the next six months, all sunscreen companies are required by the FDA to have new labels on their sunscreen bottles. Originally the change was set for June 6th; it’s been delayed a few months but it’s coming.

Sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays will be labeled as “broad spectrum,” which is what you want.

Anything under SPF 15 will have to provide a warning and skincare alert on the package. Anything SPF 15+ will be able to claim it protects against skin cancer.

I have this fact sheet and image that came from Olay that I thought was really helpful that I’m pasting below – you can also click here to see it blown up. It’s definitely worth a quick look. Did you also know that 90% of all signs of aging are caused by sun damage? Incredible. And that each year in the US alone, 2 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer.

I think the new labels are kind of awesome. I love that they are making consumers more aware of what they are purchasing and encouraging skin protection. Here’s more information about the new FDA labels!


  1. Glad they are making labels more consumer-friendly and I also have come to terms that it’s 30 or really just not worth buying.

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