Last week, I announced that I’m a part of a new weekly series with 3 other bloggers who I love – Audrey, Vera & Melissa. We’re calling it Pinspiration. Each Tuesday, we’ll tackle something we saw on Pinterest – be it a recipe, a craft or something else. We’ll post how we did and hope to inspire others to do the same and try something new!

Since it’s January and everyone’s still hot on the New Years Resolution trail, I thought I’d start with a fitness pin.  I had seen this pin for the 5-4-3-2-1 workout and it comes from FitFabCities.com.  It’s a 15-minute workout and here’s the breakdown from her site.  You’ll see in my pin and in my post that I modified a little:

5 minutes:

Anything cardio. Run, bike, elliptical.  If you’re at home, she suggests:
-1 min jumping jacks
-1 min high knees
-1 min run in place
-1 min front kicks

I went with a combo of high knees/running and jumping jacks:

4 minutes:
-1 min lunges or walking lunges
-1 min mountain climbers
Repeat for 4 minutes

I did lunges for 4 minutes.


3 minutes:

-10 push-ups/rest
-15 tricep dips/rest
Repeat for 3 minutes.

I did push-ups only because I’m really working hard to get better at doing push ups, it’s definitely my kryptonite. I just can’t build it up as much as I want.  You can see I do the girly ones too.  Someday I hope to do the real thing!



2 minutes
-30 seconds regular squats
-30 seconds jump squats
-30 seconds regular squats
-30 seconds jump squats

I just guestimated on this because I’m too lazy to time myself exactly four times at 30 seconds. You can see I had a little buddy who joined me on this one!


1 minute

I take it back, what I said about being terrible at push ups.  I’m worse at planks.  And I totally don’t have my form here as my butt is up in the air but I know that. Do your one minute plank but lower your butt down more like I am not doing here!




Total time is 15 minutes and SUPER EASY to bang this out in your house – great when you are in a hurry and can’t work out but still a FAB workout for the day.



  1. What an easy routine! I love how quick it is. Totally trying this today.

  2. Love this and just pinned it (thought the 3 minutes of push ups make me nervous – 🙂

    • haha me too Deanna. I definitely can’t do a solid 3 minutes… I took quick breaks through-out. My goal would be able to do 3 minutes straight someday 🙂

  3. Totally bookmarking this bad boy!

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