For nine months your baby feels safe, comfortable and secure in mother’s womb – what better way to help baby relax than to mimic that environment?  TummyTub was developed in Holland in cooperation with physicians, midwives and nurses to help ease the transition from womb to the world.  The unique womb-shape allows baby to maintain a fetal position and stay warm while you bathe him.

TummyTub is said to help calm colicky babies.  I received my tub after my little one was past her bout of colic, but judging by her enjoyment of the tub in later months, I’m sure it would have helped us during some sleepless nights.  We did have some successes with the TummyTub, though.  Water stayed warmer longer since there’s less surface area exposed, we could use it anywhere…not necessarily in the sink or bathtub, and clean up was a breeze!  It was super easy to travel with as well and even served as an extra container to pack baby’s things – something that’s always a plus when traveling with a little one!  My little one loves bathtime and has progressed to the tub, but TummyTub is suggested for toddlers up to 2 years old.  Yep, up to 2 years old!  I know when you look at that little tub you wouldn’t think that even an 8 month old could fit in there, but I assure you that they can.  You can read all about the benefits for every age on TummyTub’s site.

TummyTub retails for $42 and can be purchased directly from the TummyTub website or from retailers around the world.  The company has also designed a Two-Step Stool that allows you to sit comfortably in a chair while bathing baby in the TummyTub and can then be converted to a step stool or seat for your child as they get older.

TummyTub provided a product sample for review on Mommies with Style.

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