My closet is a nightmare.  It’s shameful, really – hubby and I have a nice sized walk-in closet but it’s a big organizational mess! So when QVC contacted me about testing out some pieces from Jill Martin’s Closet Makeover Product line, I thought, why not?

When I have more time, I’ll bring you a longer post with some of the pieces I used to help shape up our closet cess pool but in the meantime, I’m being featured LIVE TODAY ON Jill’s show at 4 pm ET!  OMG!  I’m not sure what exactly will be featured but she posted today and featured my shoe storage improvements which you can see here via my bad iPhone quality photos (sorry!):

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.51.04 PM

You can see on the left that my shoes were literally piled everywhere.  Hubby built those “shoe shelves” over a decade ago with the sweet and innocent notion that we could each use one.  Of course over the years his has functioned just fine for him but mine has some serious overflow!

I added one of Jill’s Red Toile Shoe Organizers to the back of my closet door and now have plenty of room for all of my shoes!

Anyway, if you are around, be sure to check out QVC at 4 to see what they show from my closet and hopefully a mention of Mommies with Style!  Woo!


  1. What a nice segment and a great commentary on MWS!! Loved the shoe storage…you have introduced me to QVC!!!

  2. Watched the QVC show- and enjoyed the MWS contribution! Amazing shoe storage improvement/transformation.

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