This year, my first grader came home with something I hadn’t heard of before.  We were given a family project – the Turkey in Disguise project.  We had a paper cut out turkey and were instructed we had to dress him up somehow so he doesn’t look like a turkey and will presumably, with our creative success, escape his fate on Thanksgiving day.

Of course I took to Pinterest to get some ideas and wasn’t let down!  Here’s what our final project was – we ended up going with a Leprechaun turkey in disguise – my boys were saying maybe as a Leprechaun he would be lucky enough to not get eaten.  What do you guys think?

This first one is ours and then I added a collection of others I thought were great ideas so hopefully help you in the future!

Turkey in Disguise – Leprechaun


Friends of ours did this next one and I thought it was really clever!

Turkey in Disguise – Where’s Waldo?

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 4.58.41 PM

I found a few others online that I thought were great including this Obama Turkey in Disguise, Angry Bird Turkey in Disguise, Peacock Turkey in Disguise and Santa Turkey in Disguise.

Looking to disguise your own turkey at home for fun?  I found this Disguise a Turkey Template on Scholastic’s site – it’s not as involved as ours but you can add a beak and feathers if you so choose.


  1. Can I please have the template for the family turkey project? Thank you

  2. ilove how yll made thos turkeys.

  3. can yll make more for me so i can dusid.

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