Mom confession: I’m terrible with my kid’s artwork. I rarely save it. I always pat myself on the back and thank myself for my future daughter in law that I’m not saving every little trinket and bit that comes home with my kids because year after year, it can add up!

I try and save just one or two really special pieces each year from my boys and I keep them in Organized File Storage Containers – one for each boy. And there are some really special pieces in there, for sure.

So my ears perked up when I friend of my sister’s showed me her awesome necklace from Because this is the coolest way to save your kid’s artwork and do something special with it. KidzCanDesign takes your child’s piece of art and converts it into sterling silver jewelry. Check out what they did with Becky’s son’s artwork.



Turned into this: 20130626-102531.jpg

Here’s a pict of it farther away (it’s just silver… the first shot makes it look like it has a tint of green but you can see here that it’s just straight sterling).  It comes in this nice bag too:


She also had one done for her 4-year-old daughter’s drawing:


So sweet, right? I want to do one for each of my boys and wear them both together. So she used a Groupon but I noticed they have a huge sale going on right now. Normally the piece with the necklace is $149.99 but right now they are $50 so check it out on (Also keep an eye out for Living Social/Groupons that may come up!)


  1. What a clever idea!!!! Does your mother have any of your artwork? Would be neat to recreate something of yours as well as your husband as well as other relatives. What a neat charm bracelet that would make!!!!!

    • I doubt Mom has much of our artwork left but you are right Aunt Brenda, that would make the coolest charm bracelet! I definitely want to do this for the boys and make it into a necklace or bracelet

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