Today’s my day, people.  THE DAY.

Age doesn’t bother me all that much normally.  I know a lot of people have a hard time turning 30 and I remember not caring at all.  But for whatever reason, 40 is hitting me.  Hard.

I think it’s because I really remember my parents turning 40 and I remember thinking, sh*t, that’s old.  

It’s silly, I know.  It’s just a number.  But man, 40 is not young in anyone’s book anymore.  I’m trying to wrap my head around it.  And I’m re-reading my This is 39 post from my birthday last year because clearly I was very tra-la-la for that birthday and I want to absorb a little of that in my life this month as I curve around the pushing 40 bend and come to that finish line today.

So.  Since I’m feeling old and I don’t have anything epic or beautiful to say this year, I’m going with funny.  I collected some of the best 40-year-old images I could find and am sharing them here.  Cuz you gotta laugh, right?


47-40th-birthday-quotes 514_400x400_NoPeel d7f713aae02d0d13e7c0fc571099e1aa f2704d71a32eb6bb67c96c8013e3292a i-cant-keep-calm-im-turning-40- made_in_1974_custom_invite-re1606b2cf1eb44e5a43f798be71f2610_imtet_8byvr_324 screen-shot-2013-01-05-at-1-45-06-pm vintage_1974_gifts_round_sticker-r3e94fd37a24e4303ada14d2db224d2bf_v9waf_8byvr_324

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