boutique I was sent several of Ubisoft’s Imagine series for the Nintendo DS. Can I just tell you how cool these are? If I had the Imagine series (and a DS) when I was a tween I would have been able to live my dreams virtually, to give them a try before jumping in and trying out a career.

In Imagine Teacher Class Trip, tweens oversee a class on an academic competition retreat. The “teacher” uses classroom managment skills and grades papers.

In Imagine Boutique Owner a tween becomes a manager/owner of a tiny boutique. As she plays, she is faced with challenges like listening to and pleasing the customer, making change and, eventually, designing new store areas, stocking them and working to make them succeed.

We also have Imagine Zookeeper and Imagine Artist, but I haven’t explored those as well. (Once I gave my son the DSi to play Battle of Giant Dinosaurs, also a sample, I haven’t had much time to get back on.)

Thanks to Ubisoft for sending sample games (and the DSi).

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