Finding the right twin stroller is no small task. It’s a quest of heroic proportions. And specifically all about proportions. Because while you want a cush ride for both tots, you will also probably want to fit through the doorway at the mall. And you’ll want to be able to load the stroller in the back of the car without calling for backup from a crane.
With most twin strollers there is going to be compromise. It’s just rarely possible to fit all the comfort, steering and portability/convenience features of a single, into a double. But the Powertwin from Jane, is a tandem style two seater that is all about having it all.
powertwin.jpg I first heard about the Jane Powertwin when I got a tip that Gwyneth Paltrow had ordered two – one for London and one for New York. I have noticed over the past couple of years, that Gwyneth has impeccable taste when it comes to the products she chooses for her children. So I had to see what made this stroller twice as nice. When the box came I could hardly wait to unpack it.
For starters the sporty looking stroller was easy to assemble. We were up and rolling in under ten minutes. Due to the adjustible height handlebar, both me and my 6 ft husband felt comfortable steering this stroller and easily did so throughout the house – one handed. It was time to hit the road. We rounded up a neighbor to ride with Fox and went for a stroll.
Pushing this stroller uphill, loaded with over 75 lbs of kiddage, I was pleasantly surprised. I did not feel like a sweaty street cart vendor trying to get my hotdogs uptown (which is how I have felt with previous double strollers I have owned). And unlike many tandem doubles that have the turning radius of a Hummer, and require advance planning to turn the corner, this rig can turn on a dime. I credit that ease of turning to the triangular wheel base and bouncy air filled tires .The swivelling front wheel can be locked if you are a jogger who wants to hit the trails, but for me, the most running I am likely to do is to the shoe sale racks at the mall.
Speaking of which, I tested this stroller out in a real life obstacle course. The Memorial Day shoe sale at Macys. The floors were absolutely littered with shoes, and the racks were packed high and close. I had my not-so-wee son, and a pal in the Jane Powertwin as we cruised the narrow and crowded aisles. I am extremely pleased to report that no children or shoes were harmed in the course of our shopping, and my son fell fast asleep.
Which brings me to the comfort factor. My son is not one to nap. Or to sleep in strollers. Unless they are really, really comfy. Then he conks out, like a light. My husband has suggested that I give strollers a comfort rating of z’s rather than stars. In this case, the Jane gets 4 out of 5 z’s as it has a very padded head and back rest that provides ample support and cushion to a sleeping toddler. The seats have a padded rim all around to keep infants snug. If your child is tall like mine, this will need to be flipped towards the rear of the stroller for your child to sit comfortably. It took us a little while to figure this out, but once we did, we were good to snooze.
Seperate reclines and hoods for each chair also make it possible to shade or lay down one child at a time. We added a color coordinated Bellah May sunshade to our ensemble and turned the rear seat into a traffic stopping, rolling clubhouse. New moms will be glad to know the rear seat has a complete recline for strolling with infants. And while the stroller does not currently offer an attachment for US brands of infant car seats this is expected to be added by the fall.
The Powertwin does have underseat storage but in all honesty, I’d like to see a larger and more easily accessed basket below. It’s adequate but not generous. One nice feature of the basket, however, is that if the rear passenger drops a toy or a paci at their feet, it will fall into the basket rather than hit the floor.
When it was time to put this stroller in the car, I had no trouble folding and lifting it in. The oval shaped aluminum frame is at once extremely sturdy and lightweight. The fold is surprisingly compact. Which is a good thing. It means there will still be plenty of room for all the bags and boxes of shoes.
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