IMG_1837 One word fits tomorrow night’s twitter party best: YUM! I don’t know many people who don’t like chocolate – if you do love it, then you have to join me tomorrow for a really fun Twitter party that involves CHOCOLATE!!

The funniest part about tomorrow night’s party was what hubby said when the sample Merci Chocolates came in the mail. Years of blogging and lots of great free samples and hubby proclaimed that the Merci Chocolates were his FAVORITE sample from my job of all time. He travels a ton internationally with work and used to always bring these home from Europe so he was thrilled for us to get the chance to have a few boxes before hosting.

This upscale chocolate brand has been a favorite of his for years and I didn’t realize you can actually buy it here in the US!  You can get it at most grocery stores or drug stores in your candy aisle so you guys have to check them out for the holiday season! Such a great thing to have out at a holiday party.

Here are the flavors (image via the Merci Chocolates Facebook page).  My favorite is the Hazelnut-Almond – what’s yours?

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.51.39 AM

Be sure to join us tomorrow (Wednesday) for a chance to win your own Merci Chocolates!

Twitter Party #merci4TheHolidays



When: Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time: 7:00 PM EST

Where: Use the hashtag #merci4TheHolidays to participate.

Hosts: Hosts for the #merci4TheHolidays Twitter party are @ClassyMommy @WhitneyMWS


  • (1) Grand Prize ($350 estimated value)
    $350 Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • (4) Party Host Kit ($200 estimated value)
    $100 Coffee cup and saucer set of 6
    $50 Cream and sugar set
    $30 Dessert plates set of 6
    $15 CoffeeNO RSVP required – just join us with the hashtag #merci4TheHolidays


  1. Oooh what a delicious party it will be! My favorite is ALL lol, but we’ll start with Praline creme. 🙂

  2. @toomuch4ne1 says

    You know I will be there! Love me some Merci Chocolate!! Thanks for hosting!!

  3. juli guthrie says

    Oh! I need the mixer! LOL

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