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Little did I know that when my kids were introduced to WowCups at Mom Mixer in November that they would become my boys drink cups of choice from there on out!  My boys are 8 and 11 so we’re beyond sippy cups but we’re certainly not beyond spills.

The Wow Cup is an ingenious product that prevents spillage when the cup is tipped thanks to some cool suction technology at the top of the cup.  It’s pretty cool and as a Mom who has cleaned her fair share of spills in her day, I can definitely appreciate a product like this.

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I’m hosting a Twitter party today where we’ll talk all about spills and cups and giving away some great prizing – see these details below and I hope you can join us!

#WowCup Twitter Party Details

When: Thursday December 11 at 2 pm ET

Where: Easily join with the hashtag #WowCup

Hosts:  @WhitneyMWS @ClassyMommy

Prizing includes 5 gift packs of two Wow Cups and a $25 gift card to Walmart and a GRAND PRIZE of 4 Wow Cups and a $50 Walmart gift card



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