“What’s that on your face?,” asked a friend recently.  I won’t name names but a concerned friend was pointing out a sun spot that I have on the side of my forehead.  In fact, I’ve had them for years but she has never noticed because I normally have them covered up and this friend happened to be seeing me makeup less just a few days after I turned 40.

I have 3 age spots that I’ve had since my 20s really, and despite being pretty diligent with the sunscreen, time hasn’t helped them fade.  ‘Cuz we all know that ain’t happening as I get older.   I was just kind of psyched she hadn’t noticed them before to be honest.

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There are two products I use that I think help my dark spots and help with wrinkles.  The first is new for me; I’ve been using Neutrogena’s Triple Age Repair Moisturizer which helps to moisturize, smooth out wrinkles and provides me with SPF 25 when I wear it.  It’s $18.99 at Neutrogena.com or you can find it at your local drug store.

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The second is Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Spots ($8.99 on Ulta.com) and I found out about this one from my aunt.  This one isn’t going to cause any miracles to your face but is basically a concealer but it works really well.  The top of it has a blotter so it literally just dabs onto your problem area and covers what you want covered.  I use it every morning on my age spots after I put Neutrogena’s Triple Age Repair on.  I consider this one a pretty awesome product considering that my friend didn’t even know I had these dark spots until she saw me without the makeup on.


  1. In addition to the Age Rewind Concealer, Maybelline has the Radiant Firming Makeup with sunscreen that is fabulous. You don’t feel like you have makeup on but it is wonderful. Also part of their Age Rewind line. I know it works because several people ask me what I am using!!! That’s enough encouragement for me!!!

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