highschoolmusical.jpg It’s going to be a long hot summer.The newness of summer break has worn off and it has hit me that I still have my 7&10 year old girls at home for the next three-thousand weeks. While I enjoy sleeping in a bit, I am not looking forward to the inevitable end of the day cranky hr. You know the one that strikes post pool/beach/playdate when everyone is hot, tired and a little hungry and there is nothing good on tv? It’s when I try and make dinner and try to stamp out sibling squabbles while juggling fire. Or at least it feels that way.
Which is why I am glad to have High School Musical: The Concert to pop in the DVD. We’re watching it a ton this summer. For starters – it was a spectacular show. Check out a clip here. My kids still have not forgiven me for not securing the front row seats that some of their peers scored ( I suspect the parents had to get a second mortgage to finance) but they do feel pretty cool to be amongst the first viewers to have watched the concert on DVD. The exuberance of the performers, catchiness of the tunes and awesome dance moves ensure that this DVD is going to get a lot more play this summer.
Ten minutes into their first viewing, my girls stopped bickering decided to pause the show, and take their no longer cranky selves outside to work on their dance moves. My house was blissfully quiet. This DVD is quite possibly the antidote to the afternoon crankies!
hannamontana.jpg But just in case things get really out of hand, I have one more trick up my sleeve. It’s the new Hannah Montana Pop Star Profile DVD. This is strong stuff. This DVD has the power to render a room full of bickering pre-teens completely silent and transfixed. I like to save this one for a real girly emergency. Like when I have three girls playing together and someone is the odd girl out. Forget about peace negotiators and the UN. I have Miley Cyrus.
The nicest thing about Miley/Hannah, is that she is actually a funny actress, decent singer and seems pretty down to earth. We enjoy the way that the show pokes fun at celebrity. The comedy on this show is classic slapstick. It’s endearing in a way that not all kid’s shows are. This new DVD contains several episode of the show, including one never before aired episode. There is also a look backstage and interviews with Miley’s real life family. Its all very amusing and around here, sometimes a good belly laugh is better than a group hug for restoring the peace.
And if I can get dinner done without anyone storming up to their room in a huff and slamming the door? That’s just a bonus.

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