"Meatless" meatballs - you wouldn't have known if I hadn't told you, right?

"Meatless" meatballs - you wouldn't have known if I hadn't told you, right?

We recently tested out a couple of new brands of food for my kids that were both such a hit, I just had to blog about it.  The first was from Quorn.  I had received some info from them in the mail.  As a former vegetarian, my eyes and ears always perk up at any all-natural, meat-free options I can buy in my local grocery store.  Plus, my oldest son just finished three years of preschool at a Jewish preschool that allows no meat into the building, so we’ve had to get creative with the vegetarian foods.

The next time I was in my local grocery store (Wegmans), I picked up a pack of Quorn Meatless Meatballs – they were so good!  My entire family, meat-loving hubby included, were fighting over these meatballs, which are lower in fat and higher in protein than the good old fashioned beef kind.  If you have a store near you that sells Quorn, I highly recommend checking out their label.

The other brand I wanted to blog about may be a familar one to many of you, as I’ve been seeing them out and about more and more:  Revolution Foods.  Revolution Foods makes healthy snack packs and options for lunch boxes.  These all-organic snacks can be found at your local Babies R Us and many grocery stores across the country. (Our local Giant sells them.)  My kids love the Mash-ups, which are more or less drinkable fruit.

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