So here’s the first toy that my boys are fighting over – if that’s at all possible with one being just shy of 6 months old – a Jellycat Truffle from Arte Bebe. We have the Golden Retriever, it’s a stuffed animal that lays flat.
My oldest loves it to play with, sit on and generally throw around and the baby just loves lounging on it (who wouldn’t) and of course HAS to have it when the baby’s sitting on it. I would imagine that this is only the first of many things they’ll both want to play with and argue about!
It’s just adorable. You can find it on the Arte Bebe website, along with tons of other great items. You can use coupon code MWS07 for 15% off your order. Be sure to check out their other great products – love the Funkie Baby bibs, and they have a nice collection of clothing.

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