Today’s post is gonna be a short one.  Sorry for the radio silence folks but I’ve been busy enjoying the surf & sun in Sea Isle, New Jersey for the last few days!  I’m gonna get myself back into the swing of things today hopefully but wanted to share with you guys two quick new apps that we discovered in the past week and CAN NOT put down!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.33.05 PM

Our 9 year old neighbor intro’d us to the first one. It’s called 2048 and at first glance, I didn’t think it looked like all that much.  The kids were playing it and making all sorts of comments about “how addicting!” and “I can’t stop playing!” it was and I didn’t believe it ’til I installed it on my iPad and I’ve been doing it non stop since.  It’s a bit of a numbers game like Sudoku.  There’s definitely a little bit of thought that goes into it but it’s fun for all ages.  Try it out and let me know what your high score is – I’m currently somewhere in the 6000s.  Nate’s high score is somewhere in the 7000 range so it’s GAME ON in the Wingerd house.  Download 2048 in the iTunes app store or if you’re on a non-Apple device, see if you have it in your app store?  Fun for all ages!

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The second game is called 100 Balls and we found it just by looking at the top rated games.  It’s a quick mindless one and we are also trying to beat each other’s high score in this one.  I’m terrible at it!  The boys think it’s funny to watch my playing – I can NOT catch the balls!  Get 100 Balls in the iTunes App Store or do a search to see if you have it in your non-Apple app store (probably?) Fun for all ages!


  1. Mike has been playing this 2048 non stop too! I now want to do it! Thanks for the tip!

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