Honestly, it takes a lot for me to branch from my diamond studs. Its just so easy for me to put them in and be done with the outfit.
But. Every now and again a jewelry designer wows me with something so easy to wear, so stylish and fun, I take hold and try something new. Lately, if I’m dressing up at all, I’m wearing these Nicole cascading earrings. Honestly, this image doesn’t do the pair justice–they’re gorgeous! They’re so light weight, you’d hardly believe you’re wearing smokey quartz gemstones, with goldfill links hanging 2 stories below. They move easily to flow with the moment and look dramatic but not too flashy.
I can’t stop clicking through Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique. Offering a mix of slivers and golds with brown pearls, quartz and other gemstones, you’re likely to find a piece for your next extravagant occasion… but not at an extravagant price. Use code MWS914 for 15% off your purchase. And check out their Mommy and Grammy collection, as well as their children’s line.

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