As if his collection of bear and bunny loveys weren’t enough each night, we now have “purple glowy guy” who has to be in bed with my son each night as he drifts off to sleep. The Tykelight is a simple design and a portable nightlight. It glows in the dark and has three settings – one of which includes a timer setting. Which is pretty helpful if you can actually get your kids to keep it on this setting because it’ll turn off after 15 minutes. Of course in our house, the setting button is constantly pushed so I never know what he has it on at night. I usually go in about an hour later to turn it off. (But even if I didn’t, he runs for 10 hours and is rechargeable.)
Anyway, it’s been quite a hit in our house and has already going into preschool for show-and-tell. It’s small and durable. And it’s safe for baby because it has no small parts, so that’s of course also appreciated here.
It comes in various colors – we have purple because that’s his favorite color but you can select from a couple different choices. They sell it on Amazon. This link has it for $19.99; buy it from that vendor on Amazon and spend another $5 in the baby section and you can get a year subscription to Cookie. If you don’t want pink, select from one of the other vendors. I have to say too, the pictures don’t do it justice. I think it’s even nicer in person. It’s a great alternative to the traditional night light on the wall and I think the kids get a kick out of the little “glowy guy.” My son loves to put him under the covers and I hear him talking with him and playing with him before he goes to sleep sometimes.
You can also buy it on Target. Make sure wherever you buy it, that you get the Tykelight with the self-timer and not the “Tykelight Buddy,” which is the older version (and a few more dollars.)

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