Three sleeps in and it’s entirely possible this is the most comfortable mattress in our house right now. One of these nights we’ll have to move back to the Master bedroom but I’m really enjoying sleeping on our new Cocoon by Sealy Mattress in our guest room. It’s a foam mattress and it set up in 5 minutes – literally. Watch the video to see how quick and easy set-up was.

And comments since we’ve been sleeping on it – I love it. I have a lot of back stiffness since I hit 40+ and this seems to be helping quite a bit. I typically wake up VERY stiff in the morning on our king mattress or when I travel – I often do a hobble to the bathroom before my back really warms up – but I have not been hobbling on this one. I am still stiff but the soft mattress seems to be helping. (I know they say firm for a bad back but several people recommended I try soft instead.) Note – my husband does prefer firmer, he says, but he seems to be sleeping just fine on this mattress too. (That guy could sleep on a concrete floor, I think!)

Here are the 4-step set up instructions that come with the Cocoon:

And in case you missed the video, you can see how small the box is compared to the product that comes out:

Curious for more info? You can see all the specs and details on the Cocoon by Sealy website.


  1. wow- looks pretty good. anything for a good night’s sleep, I say!

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