Sadly, my boys have both outgrown Lego Advent Calendars. They’re both at that teen too-cool-for-school point of life. I still love doing some sort of Advent Calendar build up to Christmas Day though. Last year we did the plain old chocolate ones, which is just fine but this year I was on a mission to find something unique that would make each day special.

Probably because I had Googled something along the lines of “unique advent calendar,” an ad popped up this weekend for Pancake the Penguin’s Christmas Adventure from LovePop. You may have seen their adorable pop up cards in your local drug store’s card aisle.

Is this not adorable? Each day leading up to Christmas, you open up a little pop-up that’s a part of a set about Pancake the Penguin and his Christmas Adventure. Perfect for something a little different or the penguin lover in your life! Get it while it’s hot – the website says they are currently low in stock.

Pancake the Penguin’s Christmas Adventure Advent Calendar, $39.99

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