This October, whether walking the 3-day or celebrating Halloween, do something special with your photos. Use Sarahbear’s pre-decorated scrapbooked tin to remember that cute costume or the completion of your walk.
What I love about these tins is that the kids can handle them. I’m not worried about pages ripping or embellishments falling off. And all I had to do is add pictures. They also make great gift card holders. Fill a holiday one with pictures of the kids, place a gift card inside and you’re all set with a fantastic family gift. (Click here to see a video of a completed tin. Very creative!)
Sarahbear’s hand-made photo tins are created for all of life’s special moments, so start your collection. 20% of SarahBear Hope Tin sales are donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation, to help fight cancer and fund further research of this devastating disease.
Mention that you heard about the tins here on MWS, and Sarah will create your tins to include 11 photos, rather than the usual 9. To order a special theme like the Hope tins or Halloween, send an e-mail.

And as a side note, each card fits a picture around 2″x3″. Mommy with Style Amy recently shared with me that you can bring your SD card to any Kodak kiosk and print pictures 4-up on a 4×6, thereby paying only a quarter of what I would pay for each picture on a 4×6. I used the option today at CVS, and last week at SAMS Club.


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