uppas.jpg I’d like to think that the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller floated into my life beneath an umbrella. Just sort of drifted jauntily down from the clouds, while the credits were still rolling. And a full ensemble orchestra was playing music while the chorus belted out, “supercali-strollerlicious-expialidocious”. Maybe as it landed, a rainbow lit the sky…
Can you tell I am a little fond of this stroller?
If Mary Poppins was a stroller, she’d certainly be the Uppa Vista. It’s just the grand dame, the super duper, the be all and do all luxe Sport Utility stroller. It outperfomed my Bugaboo in several ways (that I am about to share) and it costs a few hundred bucks less. Talk about a spoon full of sugar!

Both the Bugaboo and the Uppa Vista are full range strollers designed to take your kid from infancy to toddlerhood in supreme comfort and style. While both boast performance as the one stroller you will need, realistically you will probably still also need an umbrella stroller if you want to roll down any 747 aisles. (For super lightweight airplane friendly travel strollers, you might also want to check out the Uppa G-Lite). Like the Bugaboo, the Uppa Vista comes completely furnished with a chassis, a bassinet, and a toddler seat. Add ons for both strollers include carseat adaptors, cup holders and wheeled toddler boards.
The first area where the Uppa Vista scores big points is the bassinet. It rides higher than the Bugaboo bassinets do. You’ll be grateful for this if you have had a c-section and cannot bend down comfortably. The Uppa Vista’s mattress reverses to either ultrasuede or cool mesh for use in either warm or cold climates. The assembly and set up is a lot simpler than the Bugaboo. The toddler seat and bassinet don’t share all their parts. This makes it easy to switch between seat and bassinet. And the Uppa Vista features handy color changing buttons that are a visible indication your bassinet or seat is attached properly and securely. Uppa Vista has even made life easier by providing handy storage pouches on the bassinet exterior for you to stash your sunglasses, a bottle or some spare binkies. Unexpected style points go to Uppa’s bug screen – it’s a dark sheer material that stretches over the bassinet and gives it the sleek look of a Mercedes with tinted windows. Not only screening out the bugs but the pesky paparazzi too.
Next there is the Uppa’s “push”. It’s smooth, one pinky steering thanks to the high tech frame and oversized sport wheels in back. Those wheels rack up the points too. They are made of high tech rubber covered foam. The ride is as smooth as air, without the unexpected punctures that often plague air tire users. The U shaped Uppa Vista chassis means no more stubbed toes, no matter how long your stride. Real life notes: Thanks to the height adjustible handle, my ten year old comfortably drove this stroller through a crowded Costco without crashing into anyone.
And next we have the toddler seat. Uppa Vista’s toddler seat measures out close to the Bugaboo Chameleon’s. And like the Chameleon seat, it can be used in forward or rear facing modes with multiple recline angles. The Uppa Vista’s nicely padded seat cover removes easily for washing. Both strollers have five point safety harnesses. But the similarities end here and the Uppa Vista goes on to perform far better for us. With the Uppa Vista, the bumper bar can be detached on one side and swung away, allowing our son can easily to climb in and out on his own. A good thing for a kid who weighs over 30 lbs. But my personal favorite feature on stroller has got to be the seat height. Not only is your kid up and away from car exhaust, but when you are out and about you can roll this stroller right up to a table. After years of parking my kids with their heads at perfect forehead bonking height with the table, sending the dh off to find a grungy highchair, cleaning it and then trying to find some place near the bathroom or backdoor to leave my precious stroller, this is huge! Thank you Uppa!
Putting the Uppa Vista in the car is a breeze. The stroller collapses in one smooth movement with the toddler seat still attached. If you are taking a carseat off from the frame and have recently given birth, you will be grateful for how lightweight the aircraft alloy frame is. No superhero strength required to put this stroller in the back of your car – even with the toddler seat attached.
Finally, I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to the big ‘ol basket beneath this stroller. Mary Poppins was no light packer with her massive magical carpetbag, and I daresay that the Uppa basket could carry that carpetbag, along with an extra jacket and blankie, with room to spare. Not a problem to access the basket when the seat is fully reclined. Of course. They’ve though of just about everything. Except Mary’s latte cup holder… hint hint!
One of the nicest things about writing for Mommies With Style, is the opportunity to write about things I’ve really loved. Products that make my life easier and that I know will do the same for others. I would not recommend a product to Mommies With Style readers that I would not recommend to a friend. But after inspecting this stroller, I have talked at least three friends into buying it. I’ve even caught my husband talking it up to his guy friends. The super functionality appeals to his engineer side, as it appeals to my mom side.
Final notes from the field: My 2yr old has also given this stroller the two thumbs up. Better yet, the two eyelids closed. On every occasion I have taken him out in this stroller, he has spontaneously napped while I shopped. At first it seemed like a fluke as he has given up naps and has never napped in any other stroller. Ever. I can only conclude that the Uppa Vista is as comfortable for him as it is practical for me.
Check for an authorized dealer near you to get a demo of this stroller, or an online store that carries it. It’s a brand to watch, and if you are anything like us, it is sure to make you hum and see rainbows too.

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