So I’m two months into using Rocksbox, the monthly jewelry subscription service {first month review}. With Rocksbox, you pay a monthly fee to rent jewelry and you have the option to buy the pieces if you want. You get a $10 spend each month towards jewelry purchasing so it’s definitely tempting to buy something out of each package!

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I’ve received 3 boxes and have a 4th on the way. So far I’ve bought one piece – these Vanessa Mooney Diamond Lace Earrings in Gold.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.08.55 PM It’s funny, I would never normally pick those earrings out for myself but I found myself wearing them almost every day from the day they arrived! IMO, they were on the pricier side for costume jewelry earrings ($55), but I applied my $10 monthly jewelry purchase and I had a small credit so it helped on the cost. And really? Worth it because I have been wearing them constantly.

I loved the bracelet – it was the Jules Smith Cage Arrow Bracelet – but it broke on the second wear! I was so bummed because I was thinking of purchasing it. So I wanted to give you guys that update. The arrow portion just popped off. I sent it back with a note.

And the necklace went back too – it was this Perry Street Jane Necklace. I actually really like the idea of it but I tried to put it on several times and never actually ended up wearing it so I thought it wasn’t worth keeping. Still, it’s really cute and a great price for a statement piece: I just didn’t have anywhere to wear it out to this month.

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Use coupon codewhitneybff128 to receive your first month free when you sign up on Totally worth it because you can check it out and if you don’t like it, just cancel and you’ll at least have had a chance to check out some cool accessories.


  1. My second shipment is arriving any day. I really love the first box and I ended up wearing the earrings I was sent quite a bit, but I decided to wait and see what I get during month two. So far I’m really loving the service, as I tend to not splurge on accessories and it’s fun to try out different styles.

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