My favorite “baby” books are from Usborne’s Touch & Feel line. I had them for Nate and I read them daily to Cole – they’re just great baby and toddler books. Each page is simply illustrated – fun – and the colors pop on each page, making reading these books engaging to little ones. And of course their favorite part are the “touch” aspects of the book – each page has some sort of different patch of fabric or fur that they can explore with their hands. These books have been favorites of both of my children.
Blooming Babies recently wrote me to say they are carrying them and they have quite a collection! I hadn’t seen several of the newer items from Usborne and had to share the link. Specifically the “Luxury” line was new to me, which I guess, ya know, has higher end touching you can do. (lol) Seriously, shinier and more detailed fabrics adorn these pages and they are fun for something different. Use coupon code “mommies10” for 10% off all orders over $30.00. Expires March 31, 2008.
And check out the “That’s Not my Bunny” as a great Easter basket addition.

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