I’m convinced the little people live in my house. They come out and night and steal things just to annoy me. The things they take that really get me going include: half a pair of socks. (They really do crawl into the dryer to do this.) The backings to my earrings. Little pieces of paper I’ve left around the house with important information jotted on them.
Of course they leave the things I want gone, like my husbands old college tees that he won’t part with, or the photo I just came across of him at 3 am the night of his bachelor party. Now why can’t that go missing?
Since I’ve had kids, they love to take the parts sippy cups. Straws, tops, the safety. I’m convinced someday I’ll come across a pile in a closet somewhere. And of course you guys know, it’s so annoying when we lose the straw to a sippy as the straws are hard to replace so we end up losing a whole cup’s function when it happens.
So because I have a habit of losing little all these parts and products, I’m all about the Take & Toss the second time around.
The ones I’m featuring here are made by the Learning Curve. They have a whole new product line out and there’s definitely something for everyone: trainer cups, cups with straws, toddler utensils, toddler plates and food storage containers. They come in plain colors or you can choose them by character. (We’ve got Sesame Street and Thomas. My sister in law has the Disney Princesses for my niece. And we may have to get Cars soon as my oldest is obsessed with Lightening McQueen.)
But these are great because you won’t sweat it if you lose a part. You can find them all over, including Babies R Us. Check out the variety bag too – I plan on getting and packing one of these for our beach trips this summer – easy travel, all the pieces and parts we need.
You can also buy it all directly on the Learning Curve site. Use coupon code LCINFANT for 15% off your entire order on the site until July 31, 2007.

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