Whether you work full time or use a babysitter now-and-then, we all depend on others to help us care for our children. I know that when I go out, I always have a number of things I tell my babysitters. And when I return home after being away from my kids, I always have a ton of questions as well… how did they do? What did they eat? What time did they go to bed? Did they go to the bathroom?
Well, all of these questions and more are answered in a fun and succinct way when you use
adorable Daycare Sheets pads or Babysitter Notes pads. These sweet and colorful 50-sheet notepads have a space for all of the little details you and your caretaker may need throughout the time they are with your children. On the “while I was here” Daycare pad, your caretaker can record everything about their experience with your child, including what they learned, what and when they ate, when they went to the bathroom, their mood, when and how long they slept, and more. The “while we are out” Babysitter pads allow you to tell your caretaker what to eat, when to sleep, what is okay and not okay, emergency numbers, and more, and are available for both infants and toddlers.
At only $8 a pad, this is a great gift for a friend with a new baby, or a fun little gift for yourself! And with an extra 20% off, you can’t afford not to pick some of these up! Use code MWS09 through the end of January to receive this special discount.

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