Being pregnant leaves your body aching in places you never thought you’d ache in, and although people tell you to sleep as much as possible you are left tossing and turning each night all because you are uncomfortable. If  you’ve seen most of the body pillows out there you’ll know that they take up most of the bed, and sometimes that just doesn’t work. That’s when I saw the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow , and it’s compact structure, and thought it looked extremely convenient!

The Utterly Your Pregnancy Pillow ($44.95)  alleviates two major issues pregnant women face – severe lower back pain and lack of sleep. The pillow delivers optimal prenatal sleep positioning by simultaneously supporting the lower back and pregnant abdomen. The two places that ache the most when you are trying to sleep! When opened, it forms two triangles. Memory foam on one half of the pillow conforms to the mother’s belly. The other half of the pillow is made of higher density foam to support the back while keeping the body positioned to one side comfortably. One of the best parts is that this little pillow can do all of that, but still be compact. It’s even great for travel!

The Utterly Yours pregnancy pillow also has some really great patterns…6 to be exact! The pregnancy pillow retails for $44.95 and you can purchase them off their website.

I was thinking this little pillow could be good to bring the the hospital when I go into labor. Maybe it will help me stay comfortable while waiting for our little one to arrive! Anything to make me more comfortable will be good right?

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