verbatim You know that commercial with the kid frozen over the pool, having jumped off the diving board, but he’s stuck in the air because his mom never downloads the pictures off her camera card? Yeah, I’m that mom.

So I was thrilled to receive Verbatim’s PhotoSave DVDs. With Verbatim PhotoSave, you can save all of your photos onto CDs, and the process is beyond simple. Just insert a DVD into your computer and the software (which doesn’t need to be installed on your computer but is loaded onto the DVD) finds your pictures for you. (It quickly found 4,536 photos to save on my computer.) After reading through all of the photos for size, the program told me how many DVDs would be needed. (In the case of my 4,536, I needed 3 DVDs–which was perfect since you can buy the Verbatim PhotoSave in a 3-pack.) Then just hit “record” to save your memories to the DVD.

Want to save the photos from your camera or camera card? I did this, too. Just insert your card or hook up your camera and when you pop in the DVD, browse to select the item you’re saving from (in my case, a 2 GB SD card.) Again, click “record” and a few minutes later all of your memories are on a CD.

For so long I was schlepping to SAMS Club and doing this there, how simple (and cost effective) that I can now save all of my images on DVDs at home.  You’re going to need it, so you might as well buy the 5-pack, which we found at Amazon for just $15.76.

Organization suggestions:

  1. once you completed saving to a DVD, print out the text file that lists the folders that are saved on each. Store this with your DVDs so that you know what to find, where.
  2. get a CD storage box just for PhotoSave DVDs. You won’t want to misplace these or have them accidentally mixed in with Jumpstart, Garfield, and the rest of the kids games. This one is only $4.79 and holds 30 CDs in jewel cases.

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