I picked up the Palm® Pre Plus last week at the Verizon Store and was really wowed. I am taking part in the  Verizon Palm® Pre™ Plus Mommy Blogger Program and will be testing out the phone for the next month for Mommies With Style. While the phone is Image and video hosting by TinyPic terrific, I admit I’m little overwhelmed.

They’re called smartphones for a reason — and I was so excited I was able to turn my phone on and automatically see my missed calls, email, twitter and Facebook notifications at the bottom of my screen. It makes this SAHM feel in touch with the world!  I love the touchscreen and also like that it also has a slide out keyboard. It also features multiple calendar syncing and a 3 mega-pixel camera with a flash.

Phone: I was impressed with the quality of the sound. It was much better than my basic Motorola Flip Phone model. The speakerphone can be accessed right from the touchscreen. In future posts, I will test it out with a bluetooth headset.

Use the touchscreen to select your contacts and to dial numbers. The cool thing is when you take the phone from your ear to hang up, the screen lights up and you can touch the screen to end your call. The phone locks when it’s not in use, so when you get a call, slide your finger up the touchscreen to unlock and answer.

Touchscreen: Use the touchscreen for moving between the multiple applications. Just use your index finger to work it. Swipe sideways to move between applications, swipe up to make an application disappear, and use two fingers to pinch to zoom in or out.

Connecting the Phone to Your Computer: Want to sync your calendar or upload pictures to your computer? Just connect the Palm Pre Plus to your computer via the included USB cable. iphoto instantly recognized the Palm Pre Plus and I was able to quickly upload my photos. Here’s a picture of my son, taken the most recent snow day – great quality! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There are so many more great features of the Palm Pre Plus – stay tuned for more info!

Verizon supplied me with the new Palm Pre Plus and are paying for 1 month of service, including internet access. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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